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Animate faster in Flash! Storyboard faster in Photoshop!

My tools are used by many studios with hundreds of artists for over a decade, alas, without much payment to me.  If you have benefited from me but not bought from me, I'd appreciate the support of a donation.  It helps me continue making great tools for all.  Thank Y(  o)(o  )! 

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W( o)(o )tie's time saving Flash/Animate and Photoshop tools drastically speed up workflow and raise overall quality. They are software extensions (or plugins or add-ons), for your existing animation programs (for all versions of Photoshop, Flash/Animate...on Mac and Windows).  After following the simple install instructions, they appear as Panels of commands(or scripts or actions), and are then dock-able along the side of the user interface.  All these commonly used Cart( o)(o )n Animation commands, brilliantly eliminate the pain of many tedious steps, by making them into 'one-click-does-it-all' command.  W( o)(o )tie has 20 years experience in the Vancouver animation industry, in leading roles, and has been through the trenches of storyboarding and animation, so he knows what artists love and want in their workflows.

Contact seller at wootiecartoons@gmail.com

TOOL... Anim. Bundle ...for Flash/Animate


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(  o)(o  )Tweens Panel           (  o)(o  )Symbols Panel            (  o)(o  )Timeline Panel